The Story of a girl rescued because She played Basketball


I would like to thank you for the great work you have done in my have changed my life in different way. when I was their in
the village we were ten and my father was a police man. my mother was
doing some business of selling silver fish and my father started to
suffer from diabetes until he die in 2013. when my father was still
alive I was schooling, but after he died my mother told me to leave
schooling that she did not have money to pay for my school fees. I
stayed home for two year without schooling and I started to do some
business of selling onion and I was getting little money to pay for my
school fees and the business failed. I started to think of some thing
else. I asked my mother if I could join the basketball team and she
allowed me to join. Its then that my coach told me that some one is
coming to pick you and they were willing to pay for my school fees! I
told my mother about it and she was very excited with the news. thank
you for all that you have done, no body could do it for me but you
accepted to do it to me. This year am going to p.7. am 15year old and
am doing very well in class.
May the almighty God open for you many way to get more money, bless
you with your family.I will pray for you.