Raising Africa's Vulnerable girl child today so she can lift their society tomorrow

The lack of access to quality education is of epidemic proportions for girls in Uganda. Cultural beliefs and poverty do not favor education of the girl child! For example in most rural homes should a parent be faced with a decision to choose who between the girl and boy gets an education, it would definitely not be the girl.

We choose to begin our mission with a sports theme because sports is an international language that even those without adequate education can understand. One of our goals is to provide basketball instruction and necessary equipment to young girls with hopes of encouraging them to stay in school, prevent early pregnancy.

Owing to the numerous responsibilities bestowed on the girl child in these communities, we believe that a good education for the girl is the main tool that is needed to transform these impoverished communities into self sustaining ones. 

Our Mission

We rescue, educate, inspire and mentor vulnerable girls from impoverished communities with a greater purpose of empowering them to become leaders that will champion transformation of their Villages.

Our Vision

We seek to see impoverished communities transformed to flourishing, self sustaining dwelling places where all people live with dignity, and unity. We believe an empowered girl child will play a pivotal role towards achieving this vision  

Our Values

We are a Faith based Organization that believes in the great love of God towards man kind and our obligation to love others.

We believe in the power of Unity, networking and teamwork  

meet our team

Nikita Terry
Board member
Paulla Solar
Debra McGugan
Lisa Mellow
Vice President
Bern Macca
Board Member
Cindy Driscoll
Board Member
Roy Humphrys
Board Member

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