• Areas Participating In Teammates For Life Programs

Our mission is to establish global partnerships with individuals who support improving disadvantaged communities using mentoring and educational initiatives, resulting in their ability to become self sustaining.

The lack of access to quality education is of epidemic proportions for girls in Uganda.

We choose to begin our mission with a sports theme because sports is an international language that even those without adequate education can understand. One of our goals is to provide basketball instruction and necessary equipment to young girls with hopes of encouraging them to stay in school and prevent early pregnancy.

Teammates Uses Sports as a Networking Vector

The power of sport – Increase grade pt. avg.

International language - communication

Breaks down cultural barriers- tribal

Empowering women – reduce early pregnancy

Promotes leadership qualities - girls self esteem

Encourages change in at risk communities

Teammates Scholarship Program

Thank you to our supporters who have provided 30 plus children with educational scholarships for 2017. We visited and identified 6 districts throughout Uganda who each have 5 children participate in our Teammates Scholarship Program. In each district, we placed a teacher/coach responsible for coordinating and overseeing the program to ensure our requirements are met for each of the 3 semesters per year. These children will also have the opportunity to be participants in our sports program. The fee of $300 per year, $100 per semester, will provide each child education, immunizations, uniform, access to learning computer skills and sports instruction. Thank you to all who have sponsored a child.