New project Alert!! Nyarvur Basketball court given a fresh new surface.

The Nyarvur community Basketball Court had become almost un usable as the floor had gradually given way under the intense waves of the elements. Teammates for Life Partnered with the pollination project and resurfaced the court, making useful again and attracting more activity from the kids and the youth. Here is a project report from the work.
Dear Pollination Project Grantors,
I am filing my completed report with the deepest joy and gratitude, God Bless you all at TPP!! Thank You
Teammates for Life here in the USA and in Uganda received The Pollination Project check for $1000. These funds were budgeted to resurface an older existing court in Nyaravur Village, Nebbi District Uganda, inclusive of materials, labor, and transportation. I scheduled my visit to Uganda from 24 August – September 12 to oversee this project.  On August 20, 2019 TPP funds were wired to our Teammates for Life NGO account in Uganda ahead of my departure.
The two months between receiving the grant and arriving in Uganda allowed me time to coordinate with the Contractor – Design Consult LTD from the capital of Kampala a start date for the project. I wanted to be present at the Nyaravur work site to capture the phases of development during the project. ( Nyaravur village is 6 hours North of the capital, a remote area of Uganda) Some of the challenges we encountered during the project were to keep the cows off the wet cement, finding enough sand and water sources, and the weather. It is the rainy season and we had 2 days of rain, 1 day very hard which resulted in additional work days and materials.
The original cement estimate was for a regulation size basketball court with standard paint court lines. We decided to upgrade and apply 2 coats of a higher grade paint which will also act as a sealant to the porous cement and to extend the cemented area to include one sideline in the “out of bounds” area, providing the 2 teams playing and the scorers table seating. Faithfully the contractor agreed to let us pay the over budgeted costs in 2020.
The Seed Grant funding was distributed by two payment installments. First installment (4,710,000 sh) was August 27, 2019 used to order paint and materials. Project work started on September 1, 2019 and finished on September 11, 2019. Second installment (1,000,000 sh) September 13, 2019. Balance due January 2020.
I have attached the Contractors receipts and photos of the project from start to finish. We at Teammates for Life are forever thankful to you at The Pollination Project for providing life changing opportunities for young girls and boys in remote areas of Uganda.
For the past four years  9 Nyaravur Village girls have participate in our Teammates for Life program in Arua. All started playing on this court 5 years ago. This year 2 of them were chosen to play on the U16 Women’s National Team in Rwanda and three girls have been offered scholarships from secondary schools in Kampala for their basketball talents. Thank You TPP for funding the resurfacing of the court and providing a healthy opportunity for all children, it an immeasurable gift. If you would need any additional information please contact me.